Audience Feedback

Fallen City was premiered at the Annex in Vancouver on Sep 11, 2022 to a full house of enthusiastic audience. Here is some of the feedback we have received from our audience:

“Fallen City was a magnificent event, a true reflection of  the fast changing reality and dangers of today’s world. The Tung family combines their many talents with focus on far reaching ideas, integrating and weaving the visual and musical into streams of contemporary expression. The result is operatic in scope. – Mark Armanini, Artistic Director, Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra

“I thought it was a very well-conceived project. There was interest on many levels, including an educational aspect, and the artistic visual and musical aspects. The energy of the musical playing was exciting and impressive. It opened new avenues to speaking about this potentially tragic topic in a productive way. I think the audience was very engaged. I was especially impressed at how the children responded with great attention to many parts of the performance as I sat and listened in the audience. Their verbal responses to the music and artistic presentation made it such a fun and family-friendly event“. – Gloria Wong, Director of UBC Chinese Music Ensemble, Faculty at VSO School of Music, Director of Education of BC Chinese Music Association

“I really enjoyed it on a number of levels. I appreciated the overall concept, the obvious hard work that went into it, the positive collaborative spirit that was clearly evident, the music, the choice of artists involved, having a full house and your continued contribution to the musical, social and artistic community in Vancouver. I send you my gratitude for your work, sharing it with me and a big congratulations to you and your team”. – Nikita Antonia Carter

“Fallen City was an ambitious arts project showcasing not only the artistry of local Vancouver artists, but also the meaningful impact of interdisciplinary community-based collaboration. The experience was incredibly multifaceted with beautiful visual and media art, masterful musical performances, and expertly informed messages surrounding seismic matters. Fallen City was an excellent example of how art in the community can be integrated with other fields to not only be enjoyed, but furthermore be a mode of communication to engage and promote awareness surrounding locally relevant topics with a wide diverse audience”. – Andrea Wong

“Sound of the Dragon always delivers innovative and inspiring shows. The Proliferation ensemble performs in a style combining musical influences where East delightfully meets West. Fallen City is not only entertaining, the show is also educational. In Vancouver, we live in an earthquake zone, but often ignore the potential dangers. Fallen City alerts us to our potential peril, while giving positive tips to help us be prepared. The show is appropriate for everyone, including young children, because it emphasizes solutions rather than promoting fear”. – Victoria Gibson

“Proliferasian, information and a whole lot of shakin’ –  the earth moved for me” – Paul Armstrong, International Arts Initiatives

“I went to Fallen City all curious about the combination of artistic elements, such as music, video projection and performing arts with earthquake engineering, and left amazed by the capacity all the artists had to make you feel like you’re in the middle of a chaotic earthquake” – Arturo M.