Call for Participants 

9/11下午龍吟滄海協會與Proiferasian樂隊 將於溫哥華Annex劇場舉辦【Fallen City】演出,結合地震科學、音樂、裝置藝術、多媒體、劇場表演。現在邀請曾經經歷過地震的民眾分享您的經驗,歡迎以文字記述或錄音口述的方式,為我們藝術家的創作提供靈感、素材。中英文或其他語言皆可,錄音長度由幾句話到幾分鐘,文字敘述由幾句話到一頁紙。我們會在網站與節目單中感謝您的參與,您亦可選擇不具名。


  • 地震發生的時間、地點
  • 您當時所在的環境
  • 請描述當時的情況和心情
  • 您或是身邊的人可有受傷
  • 您的居住或是工作的建築可有受損
  • 地震過後有什麼重建、修復,或是防護措施
  • 您有何關於地震想說的話
  • 如何提高民眾對地震災害的防護意識
  • 如何減輕地震帶來的災害

Fallen City is an interdisciplinary arts project that aims to raise awareness about earthquakes. It is a staged interactive performance integrating cross-cultural music, movement, video projection, scenographic installation, and participatory audience activities.

If you have had an earthquake experience, we are inviting you to share your story and participate in our collective journey to explore the earthquake theme through contemporary arts. We welcome either audio recordings or written versions of your experience. 

Recordings will be incorporated into the electronic soundscape and images of the words spoken or written will be projected onto the performance screen. Your contributions will function as inspiration, guiding the musicians’ improvisation on stage.

We would love to hear what happened to you before, during, and/or after the event.


Send audio or written text:

– of your experience (any magnitude of earthquake, in any language)

– an audio recording of yourself speaking (from a few seconds to 5 min max)

– written text (from a few words to 500 words max)

  let us know if you would you like to have your name included on our website and in the    performance program book or if you`d rather participate anonymously


Submission deadline: Aug. 7, 2022

Please email: 

Subject heading: My Earthquake Experience 


By submitting recordings or written text, you give permission for the  use of your voice and content for the production and promotion of Fallen City


If you find the following prompts helpful, feel free to use any or all:

  • When (month, year) and where (city, region, country) did you experience the earthquake?
  • Describe the environment you were in (indoors/outside for ex).
  • How did it feel when the earthquake took place?
  • What did you see and hear and what did you (or others) do?
  • Was anyone hurt and was your home (school, workplace…) damaged?
  • What did you do right after the earthquake ended? And later?
  • What message(s) do you want to give the world about earthquakes? 
  • How can we raise awareness about earthquakes?
  • What can we do to reduce damage when an earthquake strikes?

This project is a co-presentation of Proliferasian, C- Works, and Sound of Dragon Society

For more information please email: